Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creative Writing Prompt Deux.

High School Sketch: Create your own high school. Name, location, mascot, school colors, etc.

The high school is set in one of those dreary west coast states, perhaps Washington or Oregon, where it is constantly raining.
Well, actually, it’s not even rain; more like a perpetual drizzle, like the sky is continually urinating on its inhabitants, which is pretty gross. The students of Lakeville high school find it quite unpleasant as well.
The students don’t like a lot of things at Lakeville, like the name of their school, for instance. It is not near a lake, nor was there ever a lake. There was once a villa, but it’s long since burned down. I’m not really sure how that managed to happen, though, considering the aforementioned unending cloud-leakage, but, in any event, thanks to that, neither parts of the school’s name really make a whole lot of sense.
Their mascot is, rather unfittingly, some form of variation of the Loch Ness Monster. I would believe it to be more appropriate were there actually some kind of large body of water nearby, but, as I’ve stated earlier, there is not. I suppose they could have made their mascot a burning house, but that would be a pretty depressing, albeit more chronologically accurate, mascot, so I guess it's better this way.
The school colors are a kind of drab brown and musty-looking green. I presume that whoever picked the colors was some type of dastardly villain who constantly wanted to remind the students that they lived in the repulsive, sky-peeing Pacific north-west and get rid of whatever miniscule amount of energy these teenagers had to begin with, which really wasn’t a whole lot, but still.
Their motto is “Four more years until we’re out of this dump!” That’s not the official motto, of course, but the students do seem to enjoy saying it, and I find it far more fitting than whatever annoyingly perky saying that the administration did come up with.

Aaaaand, that's it thus far.
I am planning on finishing it eventually... No, really.
I just thought I would post the beginning of le Prompt because it would appear I've not posted in about 20 days or so. (So much for my attempt to start updating more often. D:)
All righty then. That is all.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creative Writing Prompt

Family House Sketch - Describe the outside of a family home:

At first glance, there's nothing particularly out of the ordinary about the house, but let us look past its cliché suburban white picket fence for a moment and inspect it a bit closer, shall we? First, the yard.
The father of the household was one of those annoyingly meticulous lawn-lovers, so the yard was always in pristine condition, except for the small scorched splotch near the center of the yard, courtesy of little Billy and his magnifying glass one blistering August afternoon.
On the back patio, you'll find a grill. The father often enjoys cooking hamburgers and other various processed meat products for the family, but after learning about his son's unhealthy obsession with fire, (see above) he rarely ever asks little Billy to help start up the grill.
The front porch, you'll notice, is covered in crumpled up balls of paper. Ashley, the family's youngest, is something of an artiste and tries to draw everything she sees in the yard; dogs, cats, butterflies, little Billy and his matchbox, etc. However, recently, Ashley has become bored of the mundane routine of drawing on paper and has decided to move on to scribbling upon bigger and better things, like the side of the house.
Personally, I think Ashley should be praised for her lovely scribblings, as they are far more interesting to look at than the drab white paneling, but, as we all know, parents are cruel beasts who enjoy stiffling creativity, so instead of the reward she deserved, she was scolded by her mother and sent to her room. Alas, life is cruel, but we have one more section of the house to tour, so we shall be moving on.
Lastly, the back yard. Because the father doesn't care about the backyard, as only the front is judged by his many scrutinizing neighbors, you'll notice it is quite cluttered with toys. Little Billy often enjoys setting up tiny towns out of building blocks and then smashing them apart like some sort of miniscule 7-year-old Godzilla.
In my opinion, the parental figures of the household really should be more concerned for the mental health of little Billy, but don't tell them I said that. I am only the tourguide and it is not my place to discuss these sorts of things.
Anyhow, with that, the tour is over.
Please do not forget to visit the gift shop on your way out, as a portion of every item you purchase contributes to little Billy's therapy bills.
Thank you for joining us at Suburban Home tours, and please come again soon, as next week's tour will be of the neighborhood bully's home!