Sunday, May 29, 2011

Millipedes = Mobile Eyebrows

I saw a millipede today.
At first, I was convinced it was merely a great, big, hairy eyebrow moseying its way across the floor until I realized that eyebrows generally do not just fall off a person's face and decide to take a stroll around town. Usually.
Strangely enough, I only freaked out about seeing it after I found out it was a bug, not a walking eyebrow.
So, my last story is due for the newspaper on Wednesday, and I've run out of stories from my reserve of Creative Writing prompts from last year, meaning I'll actually have to write something new.
I am kind of looking forward to it. Maybe the fact that it has to be done will actually help me follow through with it.
I keep writing half-stories, or quarter-stories, or sixteenth-stories that I know will never get done.
I need to set more goals for my writing. And then, I need someone with a large blunt object to beat me if I do not make those goals. That way, I'll learn; or die. Either way, somethin's going to happen.
They want me to write something about the end of the year, about seniors graduating and all that jazz, but, honestly, that sounds rather dull. I'm graduating and I'm not even excited about it, so how can I write a story about said end-of-the-year excitement? I couldn't possibly.
I think I'm going to write about a lion. He will have a sidekick named Harry, who is in fact an eyebrow posing as a millipede with a tragic backstory and sassy catchphrases.
I will make millions.
And with that, I shall say goodbye, dear Blog.