Monday, March 22, 2010

No one even reads the school newspaper anyway.

So, my english teacher keeps telling me I need to join the school newspaper next year. However, I am not entirely sure.
I mean, I probably should join the newspaper considering how good it would look on my college applications and all, but I am still not thoroughly convinced.
First off, I am not even sure if I would be allowed to use sarcasm in my articles, and, without any of my sardonic witticisms, my "writing" (if you can indeed call it that; generally, it ends up being just ramblings.) would be quite abhorrent.
Second of all, I would probably end up writing about the school's various sporting events, and I can't say that I would enjoy that, being that our school's sport teams generally lose every game they have to play. Wouldn't you think that it would start to get difficult to think of something to write about the game after their 37th consecutive loss?
"Hey, look at it this way, guys; most of the fans have already stopped coming to your games, so you don't have to feel embarassed about losing! No one was even there to see it! (Well, except for me, but I totally wouldn't have come if I didn't have to hand in this stupid article next week.)"
But, of course, on the other hand, the newspaper's editor is also my english teacher for next year, and I've heard she gives out extra credit to her staff members, so that's always a plus.
Besides, I do love to write. I'm sure that if it were for the sake of writing, I'd be willing to join the school's rather under-appreciated press.
So, I do believe that is all for this evening.
Adieu, dear Blog.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curse you, HSPA's!

It has never occurred to me just how much I loathe standardized testing.
I hate the expository essays, I hate the persuasive letters I have to write to my fictional congressman stating my opinion on a subject I sincerely haven't any opinion on (and even if I did have an opinion on the matter, why would my fictional congressman care? He's a busy man, I'm sure he has better imaginary things to do), and I hate filling in those little answer bubbles with a number two pencil. Why number two? Why not number three, or perhaps even number four? Why must these tests discriminate against the types of pencils I use? Were I a writing utensil, I would be terribly offended.
What's even more terrifying is that if one cell phone were to go off, all of the tests would become invalid, forcing the entire class to go through the horror that is the HSPA's again, which would be, to me, and most of my classmates I'm sure, a fate worse than death.
I doubt I'll ever be accustomed to the blasted things, either. Whenever I take them, I always feel as nervous as I did when I first took them in the 3rd grade, my free, school-provided bagel sitting uncomfortably in my stomach as I panicked and filled in random bubbles in an attempt to get the test finished in the allotted timeframe. (Truly a terrible thing to do to a small child; provide them with unpleasant food and then make them stress out over something. This childhood trauma is probably one of the many, many reasons I turned out the way I did.)
However, tomorrow is the last day of testing, and then I'm free until senior year, so I suppose that's a plus.
So, I believe that shall be all for tonight, dear Blog.