Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summer's a-comin'.

I'm so glad summer's coming. I am entirely too tired of thinking.
The time is nigh, dear Blog, to allow my brain to dissolve into a pile of mushy goo due to severe lack of use, and to remain indoors for weeks on end.
Of course, on the other hand, I probably should try and make this summer at least somewhat significant, as the number of summers I've got left are dwindling rapidly.
Perhaps I should go to the beach, or band camp, or some other place that will get me involved in a plethora of wacky teenage hijinks. Not that I particularly want to get involved in adolescent shenanigans, but it does seem like the proper summer thing to do.
Or maybe, rather than go cow tipping or whatever it is my fellow young adults do when practicing tomfoolery, I could actually do writing exercises more often, as opposed to being a procrastinating lump all day, which is usually the norm for me.
Perhaps I could even update my Blog more regularly. (Pfft, that's not going to happen.)
Anyhoo, I think that shall be all for this evening.
Adieu, dear Blog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thoughts 'n' Things.

Being that I always spend so much time inside of my own head, I always find myself curious as to what other people are thinking.
For instance, why was the older gentleman I saw on the bus the other day scowling at that bag of apples? Was it because they were over-ripe and he didn't notice when he picked them out at the supermarket? Were they plagued by a colony of earthworms? Or was it because he believed they could speak and that they were currently saying rude things about his rather overgrown eyebrows? I honestly do not know.
I also often wonder if people have the same general thought process that I do.
Would most people find themselves pondering over the dilemma of the old man and the apples? Or would most people go, "Hmm. That elderly fellow looks quite annoyed at his fruit. I think I'll look elsewhere now."?
And how is one "easy to read"? I find myself utterly unable to pick up on if someone has had a bad day or not.
Granted, yes, I can perceive the fact that someone might be annoyed after, say, having their forehead poked for the 100th consecutive time, but I find the little emotions to be difficult to distinguish.
But, ah well.
I suppose I'll just be glad that I do think. I've found thinking, or at least thinking before one speaks, to be a rather rare thing at my school.
So, then, I shall bid you good evening, dear Blog.